The power of AI within everyone's reach

We provide users with the power of AI, democratizing their access to it.

We work to improve everyday life with accessible and easy-to-use solutions, always prioritizing user experience and privacy. 

Our values
Our values


We boost human potential with technological solutions that help users in their daily lives, simplifying tasks, inspiring and increasing their productivity.


We believe that Artificial Intelligence is a right and not a privilege. Our solutions are accessible and universal, eliminating barriers and democratizing access to AI.


We prioritize simplicity to achieve true universality through easy-to-use solutions. 

Conversations always protected

We protect the privacy of our users as a fundamental value, keeping their data safe and confidential and ensuring that their interactions with Luzia are always private and protected.

The privacy of our users is our top priority

Anonymized and encrypted conversations 

End-to-end encryption with double encryption process

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