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I'm bored, shall we talk?

Solves your doubts

Who directed the film 'The Post'?

Transcribes audios

Can you convert this audio to text?

Inspires you

What can I give my mother as a gift?

Creates images

Imagine a mountain landscape

Translates for you

How do you say "book" in Spanish?

Assisting you

I am going to Paris, what can I visit?

Advises you

I am having trouble sleeping, what do you advise me?

Accompanies you

I have been promoted, thanks for the help!
I have a final exam tomorrow, can you explain the Pythagorean theorem?
I want to run a marathon in 3 months, can you make me a training plan?
Luzia, can you give me ideas of fun activities to do with my children and develop their creativity?
I have a presentation tomorrow, can you make a communication plan for a launch?
It's my birthday and I want to prepare an original menu for my friends, what do you recommend?
I am redecorating my garden in a more modern style, what is the best type of plants and flowers?
I'm going to Thailand for two weeks, can you prepare a travel itinerary for me?

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